Learning In The New Digital Era: Are Polytechnic Education Institutions Up For The Challenge? Are Lessons To Be Learnt From Sun Tze's Ancient Text "The Art Of War"
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Ross, C., & Callahan-Nasser, I. (2023). Learning In The New Digital Era: Are Polytechnic Education Institutions Up For The Challenge? Are Lessons To Be Learnt From Sun Tze’s Ancient Text "The Art Of War". Journal of Innovation in Polytechnic Education, 5, 46–49. Retrieved from https://jipe.ca/index.php/jipe/article/view/155


We are all aware that post-secondary education in Canada and the world is changing. There are ongoing changes to curriculum, programs and delivery methods. The Canadian polytechnic institutions are at the forefront of the change. Like a virus they are undergoing recombination at a rapid rate in order to change with the times. The technological and digital advances coupled with the need for just in time education is reshaping how we think and deliver on the polytechnic promise. 



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