The Online condition as a structuration of feedback
Student engaged in online learning

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Poulsen, C. (2022). The Online condition as a structuration of feedback. Journal of Innovation in Polytechnic Education, 4(1), 62–67. Retrieved from


The reader will be offered an analysis of codes of a broad spectrum of feedback situations reported during lockdown online teaching. The article will account for findings and provide explanatory frameworks for solid observations on feedback situations in a broad sense, e.g. There was a notion of Online Supervision having a structuring effect that suited many students’ learning; Peer feedback in assigned group work was reported as a central approach to learning at the School and provided well-being and a sense of belonging to group members; Break-out rooms served as a special occasion for fast peer feedback in randomly assigned groups and finally evidence will be provided that Online group work is especially suited for Code script and other disciplines where Screen sharing technology serves as a structuring device.

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