Dr. Thomas Iskov, (Docent, PhD)

Thomas Iskov, Docent, PhD.

Thomas Iskov is a Senior Associate Professor at the Research Center for Quality in Education, Policy of Professions and Practice at VIA University College in Denmark. He has extensive experience in the field of professional development and educational research. His empirical research is qualitative and often exploratory and participatory. In addition, he works on pedagogical and educational theory development. His areas of interest include professional teaching and education for the welfare professions, professional theory and professionalism, student-centered learning, educational coherence, general didactics, integration of theory and practice, teacher education didactics, and more broadly, educational practices characteristic of the polytechnical model of education.

With a background in teacher education, Thomas Iskov has over 10 years of teaching experience. He holds a PhD. in general didactics and, in addition to his research, works on education development across various professional education programs, as well as on competence development and the teaching of teachers in vocational education.

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Affiliation VIA University College—Research

Email tisk@via.dk

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6337-681X

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