Pandemic transition to online for healthcare profession education: A webscrape seeking perspectives of innovation and digital equity


The pandemic caused a sudden and rapid transition to online of health profession education programs, in an attempt to maintain the critical supply of new graduates during a pandemic. A gap existed pre-pandemic between technology mediated pedagogy and digital health literacy; a gap that was forced to narrow. Health education educators considered digital equity for students and the resultant impact of the digital divide in online environments for competency attainment related to digital health literacy and quality patient care. This team engaged in an emancipatory action research webscrape of the immediate pivot period to online in winter 2020 to summarize the expertise being shared over social media platforms or teaching and learning excellence podcasts and blogs. The search criteria for the webscrape covered three areas including changes in 1) healthcare profession education, 2) innovations, and 3) diversity, equity and inclusion. The results, in relation to pre-pandemic reflections, were on the future of education and maintaining innovative momentum found during the pandemic, the future of healthcare and being attuned to patient needs despite virtual care delivery, along with the future society and ensuring students attain digital wisdom. This webscrape speaks to what health profession education values going forward, reducing the digital divide for students and patients.

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