Building Research Capacity Among Community College Nursing Faculty


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Innis, J. A., Balakumaran, J., Haghiri-Vijeh, R., Hughes, M., Kamstra-Cooper, K., Kenmir, A., Montague, J., & Tsui, J. (2021). Building Research Capacity Among Community College Nursing Faculty. Journal of Innovation in Polytechnic Education, (1).



Nursing faculty in colleges who teach in undergraduate programs in Canada typically partner with universities in collaborative relationships, to ensure students receive an undergraduate degree, which is essential for entry-to-practice. These collaborative programs have led to increased pressure for nursing faculty in colleges to engage in research as colleges are being held to the same accreditation standards as universities, with their emphasis on scholarship and research. College faculty face numerous barriers to engaging in research, and there has been little study of how research capacity is fostered among college faculty


In fall 2018, a participatory action research approach was taken to build research capacity within a group of 13 nursing faculty members in a college’s nursing program. Members met between October 2018 and March 2020, and thematic analysis was used to examine notes from the meetings.


Three themes were identified: 1) encountering challenges; 2) leveraging strengths, and 3) building research expertise. Group members initiated four research projects which secured internal funding, and were initiated in fall 2019, and are now in the stage of analysis.


This project has helped to foster a culture of research within this nursing program. The group is now transitioning to a community of practice for nursing faculty at the college focused on research.
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