Anju-Kakkar, MBA, IMBB™

Anju Kakkar

As Research & Innovation Specialist and Managing Editor of Humber Press at the Office of Research & Innovation at Humber College ITAL, Anju works zealously in building a culture of care through the lens of research and innovation. Anju is responsible for the publications on research & innovation which include the award-winning quarterly research and innovation magazine SPARK, academic journal JIPE and weekly content. She works with the strategic innovation team heavily participating in innovation assessments and building inclusive innovation programs.

Anju is a certified innovation expert with access to the leading ISO-compliant innovation management methodology by Innovation360 Group, Sweden, and an emerging researcher in the field of social innovation. She is a Black Belt Innovation 360 Licensed Practitioner (IMBB™), an MBTI Licensed Practitioner and a Values Perspective Coach. In addition, she is an MBTI licensed practitioner and Values Perspective coach. She also volunteers with the Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario as Advisor to the President and with Immigrant Networks Canada as an Ambassador.

Anju adopts a human-centred approach to solving problems that lead to sustainable and innovative solutions. With a career that spans 27+ years, Anju possesses excellent organizational and people skills built over interaction with multicultural peers, energized by the values of higher purpose, spirituality, mindfulness and inclusivity. Collaborations with key stakeholders of diverse organizations accords her the opportunity to have a holistic view of the situation. Her areas of expertise span storytelling, communications, change management, innovation strategy & management, values alignment, peer mentorship  and inclusive leadership.

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