Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

The Journal of Innovation in Polytechnic Education (JIPE) is an online, open-access journal devoted to publishing peer-reviewed papers that investigate and expand teaching and learning within the polytechnic educational context.

The journal features scholarly work that explores the integration of theory and practice in an authentic manner and education that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship characteristic of the polytechnic model of education.

JIPE especially encourages contributions exploring the impact of innovative teaching and learning practices that push the boundaries of traditional approaches to learning or educational delivery including: inter-disciplinary approaches; the engagement of students with industry, action learning and/or applied learning and research opportunities.

The journal publishes original empirical papers, brief reports, and review papers, and welcomes submissions from scholars across the polytechnic and community college sector, both within and outside of Canada. 


Section Policies


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Each issue will open with a commentary by a member of the Editorial Board.

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Invited Commentary

Invitated commentaries will occasionally be included in issues of the journal, particularly as part of a special issue on a specific teaching and learning topic.

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Innovation Spotlights

These are extremely brief contributions that describe an innovative teaching practice, approach, or tool, and provide accompanying systematically-gathered evidence to support the effectiveness of the innovation. Papers should adhere to APA research paper guidelines (including a brief review of only the most relevant literature, a method section, a results section, and a discussion/conclusion section). Papers should not exceed 1500 words. Where possible, JIPE emphasizes the collection of multiple streams of evidence, rather than from a single source and/or from a single data collection instrument.

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Original Research Articles

Original Research Articles – papers that report on original empirical research with a focus on teaching and learning. Papers should include an Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, and Reference section, as well as any tables and/or figures. Research articles should be approximately 5000-8000 words in length.

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Brief Reports

Brief Reports – These are papers that report on original empirical research, but are shorter and more limited in scope. Examples of research that might be presented in this format include results from a pilot study, findings from a study with a small sample size that show promise of a large effect size, research using a simple design and answering a single, specific question, or reports from an early phase of a project that is still ongoing. These papers include the same sections as Original Research Articles, but are no longer than 2500 words in length.


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Review Papers

These are papers that provide a balanced synopsis of the current literature within a specific area of inquiry. These papers should not only summarize the literature comprehensively, but should also identify outstanding questions and areas for future inquiry. Review Papers should be approximately 5000-8000 words in length.

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Book Reviews

Scholarly reviews of books are occasionally considered for publication, depending on the relevance of the book for the journal readership. These papers should present a brief summary of the book as well as a critical reflection on the book’s strengths and weaknesses. Of critical importance is that the review situates the book within a teaching and learning framework. These papers are no more than 1500 words in length.

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Peer Review Process

JIPE adheres to a blind peer review process. Articles are usually reviewed by three reviewers, who are selected based on their areas of expertise and related experience. Reviewers provide feedback on a paper's strengths as well as weaknesses that are and are not correctable, respectively. JIPE takes a developmental approach to articles, providing extensive constructive feedback, particularly to authors that may have had limited experience publishing in peer-reviewed journals. 

Authors can typically expect to hear about the status of their manuscripts within one to two months after submission. Authors can help to facilitate the speed of the review process by ensuring that their manuscripts meet the submission guidelines, including APA formatting and inserting cumulative line and page numbers. 


Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.